Special machines

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On our machines with special heads the following options are possible

  • application of straight and twisted decorative strings
  • embroidering tapes
  • obtaining chenille (terry or chain) embroidery
  • boring embroidery allows to make richelieu embroidery
  • sewing on electrical wires together with fixing light sources (LED sequin).

Head W sewing on cords
Special ZSK machines with W heads can embroider all kinds of decorative cords, ribbons, strings of beads and pearls. Previously, such embellishments were possible only with hand embroidery, today a machine will do it much faster and much cheaper. The machine can embroider with zig zag stitch (applying string, wires, beads and other puncture-sensitive elements), straight stitch embroidery (sewing ribbons with the possibility of their creasing, sewing twisted string also with the possibility of combining 2 types or colors). Decorative elements in this method of embroidery are wound on spools, and the regular embroidery thread is used to fix it. In the “W” head, 2 spools of embroidery accessories can be mounted at the same time, making it possible to combine different types of embellishments in one design.

The “W” head can appear in embroidery machines in combination with conventional heads giving an additional possibility to combine embroidery, for example, with string or tape with traditional embroidery

Sequin embroidery is a technology that involves sewing sequins onto special embroidery heads. Our heads, driven by special stepper motors, allow for fast and precise placement of embroidery sequins of 3 and 5 mm. This embroidery technology has been used by us to lay LED sequins which, when energized, provide a source of light.

Our boring machines allow full creativity in embroidering regional, folk, historical costumes.

Boring consists of a special knife that cuts a hole in the cotton fabric and then the machine embroiders the edges reinforcing them.  This is a type of English embroidery which is often used when making the above mentioned products. Our modern machines allow embroidering with boring even at speeds up to 1200 rpm

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