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27 July 2022

How to wash, iron and care for printed T-shirts?

When you order custom-printed T-shirts, you want them to serve you for a long time. This is possible in the case of proper care of our garments. Each marking method used today, has slightly different washing and care guidelines, so today we will talk about how to take care of a non-DTG print on clothing.


21 July 2022

Industrial DTG printer – create prints on T-shirts in Rzeszów

Digital printing otherwise known as direct printing appeared on the printing market in the 1990s. At first it was quite skeptical about it and few printers used this method. With time, however, everything has changed. DTA digital printing has become an alternative to traditional production methods such as screen printing. Nowadays, most printing houses offer […]


T-shirt printing in Podkarpacie – how to prepare for designing a logo? part II

In an earlier post, we considered what kind of logo is most memorable. What should it contain to catch the attention of the recipient. We also started the creative process, where we looked for an idea and wrote it down in the form of a pictorial mind map. So it’s time to move on in […]


T-shirt printing in Podkarpacie – how to prepare to design a logo? part I

How often do you remember seeing a logo, of some company, from public space? Are you able to match them with a particular brand? What is most often memorable to you? Contrary to appearances, these are very important questions that people who want to create a unique logo for themselves or their company are looking […]


1 July 2022

Vector graphic file formats ideal for t-shirt printing

The type of graphics used for T-shirt printing is very important. This is because not every file format is suitable to be used when sending a photo or logo to a printing company. For this reason, there are two types of formats raster and vector. We wrote about the first of these earlier. So today […]


Raster forms of graphic files

T-shirt printing is nowadays a very common method not only for individual distinction among the crowd, but above all an ideal form of promoting your business. However, it should be remembered that in addition to a beautiful photo or polished graphics, its format is also important. This is because it determines whether the prints on […]


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