Printing on clothing

Garment printing: world-class quality and affordability

Aeoon Digital printer is the 21st century technology which provides: The best and cheapest printing on T-shirts and sweatshirts

It is a new approach to textile printing used in Western Europe, the United States, Canada, etc.

  • DTG printer is a digital printing where there is no need as in the case of screen printing to carry out a complicated preparation process of film, screens, etc. This eliminates the involvement of non-ecological chemicals. The inks used are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Prints do not contain prohibited substances
  • It is dedicated especially as advertising, party, special occasion clothing, etc. High quality prints on many types of textiles and clothing based on one system. They are at the same time delicate without giving the impression of stiffness, rubberiness, impression of oilcloth as in the case of traditional prints.

No graphical or color limitations , for precise and vivid color matching and providing vivid (even photo realistic) impressions

A key feature is the mobility of production

1 piece or 1000 pieces – cost-effective in any quantity, with a low, fixed cost per print

  • The printer provides a 100% waterless printing process.
  • Constantly raising industry standards through continuous innovation
  • Tunnel drying maintains the uniform color of the finished product

  Key advantages include:

  • low price
  • high quality
  • high durability of the overprint
  • photorealistic impressions, unlimited number of colors, tonal transitions

The fastest DTG printer
Whether photorealistic motifs or delicate filigree, our DTG printers can reproduce them precisely – and in phenomenally fast time.

We take the environment very seriously and it is our duty to set new standards in many areas. For this reason, we work as closely as possible with suppliers. We use only GOTS® and ÖkoTex® certified water-based inks and constantly minimize the energy consumption of our machines.

The most efficient printing on a wide range of textiles

We are your professional contact for solutions in the digital textile printing sector.



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