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We are a company that has been operating in the domestic market in the field of computer embroidery for more than a dozen years. As a result, we have a modern design studio. Thanks to specialized programs and qualified, experienced designers, we are able to carry out any project. Our programs are characterized by thoroughness and accuracy, as well as we are flexible to our customers’ suggestions.

All designs developed by us are proprietary and used only by the respective client.

Projects to be implemented can be sent in various formats via e-mail, or delivered in a traditional form, i.e. drawing, leaflet, etc.

At the final stage, after accepting the graphics, it is agreed with the designer whether the embroidery is made on the material entrusted by the client or whether the materials in our studio are used. At a further stage, the colors of thread are selected, and the amount of embroidery is agreed upon, which affects the final price and the deadline for receiving the service.


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