Price list for overprints

Number of piecesFabric colourFormat A6Format A5A4 formatA3 formatA3+ format
50 - 150 White7891012
150 - 300White567911
300 - 800White456810


1.Size of prints

A3+ format(approx. 50x40cm)

A3 format(approx. 29x40cm)

A4 format(approx. 21x30cm)

A5 format(approx. 15x21cm)

A6 format(approx. 15x10cm)

  1. The price is for printing on one part of the garment.
  2. The above costs do not include graphic design.
  3. The above prices do not include the cost of transportation from the customer.
  4. The prices in the price list are net prices in PLN

File preparation for printing

  1. RGB 8bit mode
  2. File format: TIFF, PNG, PDF
  3. Resolution from 300 to 1200 dpi.
  4. Before printing on the customer’s material, please add an additional piece for testing.
  5. Graphics on transparent background.

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