Vector graphic file formats ideal for t-shirt printing

Vector graphic file formats ideal for printing on T-shirts

The type of graphics used for printing on T-shirts is very important. This is because not every file format is suitable to be used when sending a photo or logo to a printing company. For this reason, there are two types of formats raster and vector. We wrote about the first of these earlier. So today we will deal with the second group, which requires appropriate software.

Vector graphics – definition

Vector graphics are mainly based on curves and shapes, which are mathematical notations of specific distances, arrangements and proportions between elements. Simply put, everything “revolves” around mathematical functions that allow you to scale files without losing quality. Vector graphics are ideal for designing logos and preparing files for display or printing.

Vector formats – application

Files in vector formats are suitable for both small business cards, brochures and multi-format billboards. They are the basis for creating a logo to be placed as an imprint on T-shirts. To edit the files, you need a special program, usually Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. With it, you will be able to freely move and transform the objects on the design. In various studies you can find information that vector files are referred to as “files on a curve”. This is related to the arrangement of elements in the project, which are built on the basis of outlines. The program reads them, storing them as shapes. This allows you to create custom prints that are breathtaking. It is also important to remember that the complex fonts and shapes we used to create the design must have vector logos.

Types of vector graphic files you should know

If we want to prepare t-shirt prints, we need to pay great attention to the format of our graphics. It is the one that is responsible for the success of the print and the end result. The most common forms of vector files include:

T-shirt printing in the best quality

Creating a logo or other graphic file requires various skills that not everyone has. Often, the designs found on T-shirt prints were created in collaboration with an experienced graphic designer. However, regardless of who made it, it is important that the file has the right format. In the case of Open Embroidery print shop, the formats required are: TIFF, PNG or PDF.

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