T-shirt printing in Podkarpacie – how to prepare to design a logo? part I


How often do you remember seeing a logo, of some company, from public space? Are you able to match them with a particular brand? What is most often memorable to you? Contrary to appearances, these are very important questions that people who want to create a unique logo for themselves or their company are looking for answers to. If you want to create T-shirt prints in Podkarpacie with just this logo, you need to devote a lot of time to it so that it fulfills the intended effect.

How to design a logo that everyone will remember?
There is no single answer to the above question. The perfect logo simply does not exist. There is no logo in the world that would appeal to all people and be remembered from the first sight. You can think and experiment, but it is worth remembering that one mark will not answer all needs, telling the story of the brand or product, in addition to fulfilling all functions. At the beginning of creation, the most important thing is to realize that striving for perfection is pointless. You can make the best sign, but there will always be someone who will criticize it, and you should be prepared for that. Once you understand this, the work will go much faster.
A good logo is a simple logo. The biggest Polish and foreign brands have convinced themselves of this, so let’s focus on it too. There is no need to forcefully look for something that we have at our fingertips. The best designs are easy to perceive, not overloaded with content and graphic effects.

Three elements principle
Looking on the Internet for help in preparing a good logo, you will find studies that talk about the three most important elements:
• simplicity – no overloading, exaggeration, quirks or elements that distract the customer,
• Recognizability – the element that always takes our minds right at the design stage. When you create a logo, you do it with the idea of standing out from the competition. So you need to make sure that every graphic detail is associated specifically with your company. There must be no situation where any part of the logo can be confused with another graphic mark of, for example, a competing company,
• Timelessness – remember that when creating a logo, we do it for years. It must present itself in such a way that in a few and a dozen years it will still be relevant. You can always do a gentle facelift, but no one wants to start from scratch, which is why this element is so important.

A mind map in the form of sketches
In the beginning, you need to start with an idea. Without it, no logo has been created yet. Think about the idea you have, only then think – what should the logo present?, What colours should it have? What shape and dimensions? First tame thousands of thoughts without prompting, and the best way to do this is by writing down everything that comes to your mind. A good way to do this is a pictorial mind map, on which you can put literally anything. Take a large sheet of paper. Write down the most important elements, sketch what you are thinking about and at some point you will find that the project is already finished. Sometimes the most abstract and absurd thoughts, can be the key to success. Remember, too, that it is impossible to constantly dawdle over one project. Keep yourself busy with something else, and when something interesting comes to your mind, make a note of it. A relaxed mind works more efficiently and quickly. Don’t overwork it!

Further fun is yet to come
The idea is only the beginning of the road to a unique logo. In the next post, we will unveil the next shred of mystery, how to prepare a graphic mark perfectly forming T-shirt prints.

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