T-shirt printing in Podkarpacie – how to prepare for designing a logo? part II


T-shirt printing in Podkarpacie – how to prepare to design a logo? part II
In an earlier post, we considered what kind of logo is most memorable. What should it contain to catch the attention of the recipient. We also started the creative process, where we looked for an idea and wrote it down in the form of a pictorial mind map. So it’s time to move on in this fantastic creative fun that can result in the perfect logo for t-shirt prints.

From a sketch to a modern logo
Having the mind map in the form of sketches ready, it’s time to choose the drawing that best meets our requirements and expectations. Remember that the logo should be simple so that everyone can easily remember it such as: Nike, Zara, Gucci or Puma. It doesn’t matter here whether we reach for the consumer segment or premium brands. All well-known brands just like you now started with an idea, and achieved great success. Simplicity is good, it just needs to be in good taste. The most important thing is not to confuse it with kitsch.
An important rule to remember is that a logo is not a representation of what you are selling. Don’t focus on the logo being in the form of the product you are offering. Look at Apple or Lacoste, for example. Their graphics don’t have much to do with what they sell, yet they are well-known and recognizable. Everyone knows what they do, so there is no need to emphasize it more strongly. The trademark simply has to be worth remembering, and the brand itself and its products arouse interest. This is because then the connection between graphics and product range is completely unnecessary.

Colours and typography
Now that we have the logo ready, it’s time to move on to the specifics, namely the choice of colour scheme. The most recognizable brands use a maximum of three colors. This is a valid assumption, as it avoids clutter and eye-rolling. The most important thing is that the logo should look good in all conditions, providing a bridge between what the customer sees and what he gets. Here we mainly mean that the colour scheme should harmonize with the assumptions of the brand, what it deals with or offers, for example: a company with organic clothing should use green, brown, i.e. colours that people associate with nature.

The same goes for typography and the appropriate choice of font. The font should harmonize with the colours of the logo. Any boldness, italics should help and not interfere with the customer’s perception of the logo. It is often the case that prints on T-shirts look fantastic, but do not appeal to the recipients as we would like. Let’s take care, then, of every detail of the logo.

Programs for designing graphic signs
Deciding to make a logo yourself will come in handy with a graphic design program. You can choose from:
• Canva,
• Adobe Illustrator,
• LogoYes,
• Logo Design Studio,
• Logomaker,
• Sothing Logo Maker.

In addition to the available programs, you can also use online wizards. The choice is only up to you.

Be original
We say a firm no to water effects. Your logo should be memorable, not shiny and repulsive. The most important thing is originality, which will always defend itself. So it’s not worth copying other people’s ideas, swapping a few elements for your own use. Sooner or later it will come to light. Deciding to prepare a print on T-shirts to present it to a wider audience, you can be sure that someone will catch the theft of the design and point it out to you in front of a larger forum. Opt for uniqueness and enjoy the results of your work.

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