Industrial DTG printer – create prints on T-shirts in Rzeszów

Digital printing otherwise known as direct printing appeared on the printing market in the 1990s. Initially, it was quite skeptical and few printers used this method. Over time, however, things have changed. DTA digital printing has become an alternative to traditional production methods such as screen printing. Nowadays, most printing houses offer their customers t-shirt printing in Rzeszow created just by an industrial DTG printer. So it’s worth getting a little information about it so you can choose which printing method is best just for you.

What does it mean that DTG digital printing is direct?
DTG printing can be compared in the way it works to an inkjet printer, which is found in almost every home. All you have to do is swap a piece of paper for a T-shirt, and a small home printer for a large industrial printer suitable for printing on clothing. In fact, digital printing is a simple method, and it makes printing on T-shirts in Rzeszow relatively quick.
Digital printing can thus be referred to as direct printing, as this is how the ink is applied to a T-shirt or other garment. The ink goes deep into the fabric and is undetectable under the fingers.

Advantages of DTA digital printing
Digital printing has many advantages over traditional methods, among them:
• fast production time,
• high productivity,
• very accurate colour reproduction,
• printing pays off even on 1 piece – printing on T-shirts in Rzeszow, thanks to this method can be done even on a single T-shirt. This is useful if you run a small business or need a sample of a new design,
• wide range of available colours – you don’t have to choose only a few colors, as in the case of screen printing. You are free to play around and experiment,
• It is suitable for detailed designs such as photo printing,
• it can be used both on sweatshirts or T-shirts and cotton bags,
• the print is not perceptible to the touch – the ink penetrates into the material, giving a guarantee of durability. The T-shirt will not wrinkle or crumble, even after many washings.

Digital printing – why is it worth it to make t-shirt prints in Rzeszow using it?
If you want to create a short series of garments with your print, then direct printing will certainly meet your expectations. It will also work well if you need T-shirts with your company logo for a corporate event or trade show. It will be an ideal, unobtrusive advertisement that is sure to draw the attention of potential customers. Promotional apparel made with this technique is a way to promote your company and familiarize people who are not yet familiar with it. When the color of the T-shirt and the print will form a cohesive whole with the brand’s logo, your success is guaranteed.

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