How to wash, iron and care for printed T-shirts?

When you order T-shirts with your own print, you want them to serve you for a long time. This is possible in the case of proper care of our clothing. Each marking method used today, has slightly different washing and care guidelines, so today we will talk about how to take care of a non-DTG print on clothing.

The durability of the print depends on proper washing and care of printed garments. How should you then wash, dry such printed T-shirts/blouses, etc.?

We have a general recipe for washing printed garments, which will serve not only for DTG printing:

  1. Always wash and iron on the inside,
  2. Maximum temperature is 30-40 degrees,
  3. Do not exceed 600 rotations per minute,
  4. Do not use automatic drying, natural drying like anything natural is more natural to us
  5. Do not use strong chemicals

How exactly does this instruction apply to the digital printing method? We should stay with the recommended 30-40 degrees. Always wash on the inside out, do not use strong chemicals. The durability of the print using this instruction is in the order of 100-150 washes. In addition, let’s adhere to ironing on the left side and using the right temperature when doing so. Higher temperature means the risk of damage to the quality of the clothes. The print may wash out more easily, and the garment may shrink. We check the washing instructions on the garment’s label, every manufacturer of advertising clothing sews them into their products. Using lower temperatures assures us that the garment will not be damaged, will not lose its color and at the same time will be washed decently. Depending on the colour, the garment is washed with dark, light or coloured laundry, thus using the appropriate detergents. Lower water temperature and avoiding excessive washing has a positive impact on the environment.

It is important to add here and pay special attention to the process of ironing printed T-shirts . This is because a heated iron can prove to be particularly deadly for any t-shirt print. Therefore, be sure to turn the T-shirt inside out. Ironing should be done at the lowest possible temperature setting, in accordance with the shirt manufacturer’s recommendations. When doing so, it is recommended to use an alternative to an iron – a steamer. It will do a great job for ironing and will not damage the printed shirt.

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